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New parent retreat

"We finally got some time to focus on us!"

Building on the Riding the Roller-Coaster Programme, on the New Parent Retreat, as a couple and a family you'll get 'time-in' to:

  • Chill-out and de-stress
  • Explore the Paradox of Parenting in the context of your journey of becoming a family
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your own and your partners behaviour, preferences and needs
  • Define the type of parent, husban, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend that you want to be
  • Set the course for continuing your journey into parenthood

The New Parent Retreat is designed for couples that have undertaken the Riding the Roller-Coaster Programme. During the New Parent Retreat you will get to deepen your understanding of your personal of journey of becoming a parent and a family, while also deepening your understanding of yourself and your partner.

The New Parent Retreat is not couples counseling or therapy, instead it is an opportunity for you as new parents to focus on you; you as individuals, you as a couple, and most of all, you as a parent in your new family

Time to chill, Time to explore

Commencing mid afternoon on Friday and finishing early Sunday afternoon, on the New Parent Retreat you will get to participate in conversations and activities with other parents and their families. You'll also get time to chill-out as a couple and as a family.

scheduling your retreat

New Parent Retreats are run regularly throughout the year. In order to match families we operate a wait-list system. To find out more and to secure your place on an upcoming retreat contact us.




Retreat venue

Each New Parent Retreat is run at a country manor house, creating a luxurious and relaxed family home atmosphere.


tailored support

For more personal support including one-to-one coaching contact us.