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the roller-coaster of parenthood

"Being a New Parent is easy...right?"

"Sleep when the baby sleeps ... The baby will learn to live to your schedule..."

I'm sure you've heard them all!

The truth is...nothing prepares you for becoming a new parent - not your parents, not your experience with other children, not the books you've bought, or, the research you've done on the internet.

Witnessing your baby's first breath in the delivery room is one of the most amazing and memorable events of your life. But for many new parents the initial excitement is soon eclipsed as you jump on the roller-coaster of parenthood. Through the days, weeks and months that follow the birth, a new reality kicks in as you begin navigating the new world of being a family.

Changing roles, changing relationships

"It's difficult to look after your baby if you don't look after your relationship."

In amongst the mayhem of nappies, bottles and buggies, the shift from being a couple to a family puts a new form of pressure on your relationship. Your lives now revolve around this little person who consumes all of your time and energy. But the other roles you play still need focus; you are still a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

learning to enjoy the journey

"Getting some time together, just as a couple, feels like a real indulgence."

Taking some time as a couple to consider the journey of becoming a family is important to maintain a healthy relationship and to build a strong foundation for your family. Parent Retreats is not couples counseling or therapy. Instead it's support to help you take the time to consider how you will continue your journey of being a family.

Through joining one of the Workshops or Retreats, as a couple and a family, you will get to take some time to consider how you're doing, and how you can enjoy your journey on the roller-coaster of parenthood.

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Workshops & Retreats

Take some time with your new family to explore how to navigate the new world of parenthood.

By joining one of the Workshops or Retreats you will get to:

  • Reflect on your journey so far
  • Understand differences in partner's needs
  • Define the roles you each play in your new family
  • Set the course for continuing your journey into parenthood

tailored support

For more personal support including one-to-one coaching contact us.